Type ETR10

~ 52 mm


The Electronic Timer Relay ETR10 is a solid state relay and provides three major functions within a single device:

  • timer function
  • relay function
  • protective function

The numerous timer functions can be selected within very wide limits and the protective function can also be adjusted very flexibly to the application.

The is available in a 4-pin or 7-pin Mini automotive standard relay enclosure with ratings from 1 A through 10 A. It is suitable for vehicles with 12 V DC or 24 V DC electrical system voltage.

Main functions as well as overcurrent protection, if necessary switching thresholds or time windows of the ETR10 can be custom designed with our configurator. Thus you receive a device that is exactly tailored to the requirements of your application. For specification please use our relay configurator:

Relay configurator (international)

Relay configurator (US)

Relay configurator (UK)

Technical Data

Voltage rating DC 12 V/DC 24 V
Continuous current 1 A
2 A
3 A
5 A
7.5 A
10 A
Number of poles 1-pole
Temperature range -40° C … +85° C
Terminal design ISO 7588 MINI socket
Mounting method standard automotive relay socket
Design Cubic enclosure 30 mm x 30 mm x 40 mm
Feature Solid state relay with microcontroller and a large functionality library.

The customer-specific configuration can be selected on the E-T-A website.
Contact system type electronic


  • Automobiles
  • Commercial Vehicles
  • Rail vehicles
  • Watercraft & Vehicles


Datasheet & Explanations

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