Bus Transit and School

Reliable components and intelligent systems for the use in urban buses and coaches

Circuit protectors, solid state relays, power relays and high voltage relays as well as power distribution systems for a reliable and efficient on-board electrical system

Electrification, digitisation, networks: The transformation of the utility vehicles industry also affects buses and coaches and requires innovative components and systems, adapted to customer needs.

E-T-A specialises in overcurrent protection, solid state relays and smart relays, power relays, arc-free high voltage capacitors as well as diagnosis-capable power distribution systems.

We support our customers daily to bring innovation, profitability and reliability in line.

Preventing downtimes

Our well-proven resettable automotive circuit breakers replace ATO® and MINI® blade-type fuses, minimise time for trouble-shooting and avoid unnecessary vehicle downtimes.

Wear-free and noiseless operation

As they have no moving contacts, our electronic relays can be used to switch high inductive loads, wear-free, noiseless and with high frequency.

Compact, robust and energy-efficient

Limited installation space, maximum reliability and minimum energy requirement determine our customers’ activities. Our electro-mechanical power relays are optimised in this regard and were designed and tested in accordance with ISO 16750.


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