ControlPlex® System CPC20 –
the intelligent way of DC 24 V protection

The intelligent CPC20 ControlPlex®® System protects your DC 24 V power distribution against overload and short circuit. The basis is the modular terminal block system Module 18plus. The ESX60D electronic circuit protector continuously records the load current and the load voltage of the system. These measuring values are bundled by the CPC20 bus controller  and transmitted to the connected control systems. The system operator can continuously monitor his power distribution system and detect changes or aberrations at an early stage. The ControlPlex®®System thus prevents unplanned system downtimes, improves transparency and stabilises the production process, increases the quality of the goods produced and significantly increases plant availability.

  • Enhances system availability through comprehensive diagnostic functions
  • Improves protection against voltage dips through selective protection of loads
  • Increases the flexibility of system planning through a modular terminal block system

The system

  • CPC20 bus controller

    CPC20 bus controller

    Increasing system availability by data logging and transmission

    The CPC20 bus controller is the brain of the entire system. Its interfaces offer the perfect connection to the superordinate systems. On the field level, it connects the power distribution system with the connected CPUs and HMIs by means of its PROFINET interface and thus allows the required data exchange. Measuring values and status information can be visualised for both the system operators and the service personnel.

    Quick access through integral web server

    A web server is included on the bus controller. It allows direct access to the data of the DC 24 V  power distribution. All measuring data and status information can directly be accessed without using the field bus interface. This particularly advantageous for the maintenance personnel, because information is quickly available during initial start-up and in the event of a system shutdown.


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    Data sheets

    Data Sheet CPC20EN

    Data Sheet CPC20PN

    Installation manuals

    Installation Manual CPC20EN

    Installation Manual CPC20PN

    User manuals

    User Manual CPC20EN

    User Manual CPC20PN

    User Manual CPC20 bus controller – Rest client endpoints

    Device description files

    Device Description File FOR ETHERNET/IP

    Device Description File FOR PROFINET/IP

    CAD data

    CAD data CPC20

    EPlan Makros

    EPlan Makros ControlPlex® System CPC20

    Firmware- und Softwareupdates

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    Declaration of Conformity

    Declaration of Conformity

  • Module 18plus intelligent power distribution

    Module 18plus intelligent power distribution

    Module 18plus - a modular terminal block system for unrivalled flexibility

    The Module 18plus intelligent power distribution module combines compact and innovative wiring technology with the smart CPC20.ControlPlex® bus controller.

    Modular power distribution concept

    The power distribution system Module 18plus is a complete mounting and power distribution system with push-in technology for DIN rail mounting. The system has a fully-fledged 80 A potential distribution and is suitable for wiring of all load cables and signal lines of the DC 24 V control voltage. The Module 18plus is suitable for decentralised power distribution systems as well as centralised  system concepts.

    The terminal blocks are connected to the supply module. This can be done extremely flexibly and with only the exact number of channels required. Additional connecting terminals and connection cables are not required. Each of these connection modules accommodates one intelligent ESX60D circuit protector with two channels each. It is thus possible to protect 32 different load outputs with one flexibly configured system.

    Brochure ControlPlex® System CPC20

    Data sheet Module 18plus-ControlPlex®


  • ESX60D electronic circuit protector

    ESX60D electronic circuit protector

    The ESX60D intelligent circuit protector - adjustable for high flexibility

    Space-saving design

    The ESX60D is a double-channel electronic circuit protector with active current limitation and only needs 12.5 mm for protecting two channels. By means of the two LEDs, maintenance personnel can see the status of the individual channel in the control cabinet.

    Continuous data collection

    In parallel, the status and the recorded measuring values are forwarded to the superordinate controller and can there be visualised on the connected screens. Continuous recording of the load current, of supply and output voltage as well as of the device temperature provides an overview of the current condition of power distribution.

    Reduced inventory

    The rated current of the circuit protector can be adjusted via the connected bus system or the server in 1 A increments, thus significantly reducing inventory, because only one product version is required for different current ratings.

    Proper protection of system and loads

    The ESX60D is a latest-state-of-the-art intelligent electronic circuit protector, offering ideal protection of the connected loads against overcurrent and short circuit. Its active current limitation increases system availability and ensures selectivity of the DC 24 V power distribution.

    Brochure ControlPlex® System CPC20

    Data sheet ESX60D