The fast and flexible PROFIBUS package for DC 24 V systems

The new power distribution and remote output system type SVS16-PB offers selective overcurrent protection, power distribution of load circuits and switching, protection and diagnosis of digital outputs  up to 10A. An integral consistent communication of operating and failure conditions as well as switching and resetting of individual circuits of the DC 24 V level via PROFIBUS-DP make the SVS16 an intelligent  sub-system on the control level. The SVS16-PB-08 for direct rail mounting accommodates 8 electronic circuit protectors up to 10 A of type ESX10-125 (with reset input) or ESX10-115 (with control input). They ensure selective overcurrent protection of sensors and actuators, de-centralised peripheral sub-assemblies and their supply lines.

Intelligent power distribution system SVS16-PB:

  • Integral DC24V complete system for overcurrent protection, power distribution, remote output - including PROFIBUS-DP-interface
  • Integral diagnostic functions for load circuits (overcurrent, wire breakage etc.)
  • For electronic circuit protectors ESX10-S, ESX10-115/-125 up to 10 A
  • For solid state remote power controller E-1048-7xx up to 5 A
  • Extendable to other fieldbus systems (DeviceNet, CANopen etc.) and
  • Ethernet versions (Profinet, Modbus-TCP etc.)
  • Extendable for customised power distribution concepts

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Power distribution system SVS16

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