Type Power-D-Box CP


The CP Power-D-Box® is a modular power distribution system. Thanks to reversible mounting flanges, it can easily and quickly be installed in 19” or ETSI cabinets. The compact 2RU enclosure can accommodate the system components ESX300-S, RSI10, RCI10 or EAI300, depending on the application. User friendliness is of top priority in the event of a system extension with the system live without causing downtimes. All sub-assemblies are hot-swappable without affecting neighbouring components. Depending on the application, termination can be placed both on the front or on the rear.


  • Easy mounting in 19” and ETSI system cabinets
  • Plug-in circuit protectors allow easy system extension without system downtime
  • Compact design, protected against brush contact (2RU)
  • Redundant power supply ensures unrivalled system uptime
  • Various preferred types with front side or rear side load outputs
  • Optional accessories: cable grip rail, individual marking bands

Technical Data

Mounting method racks
Circuit breaker type electronics
Dimensions height 2U (88.9 mm)
width 19 (482.6 mm)
width ETSI (531.4 mm)
Voltage rating

minus: DC - 38V to DC -72V
plus: DC 18V  to DC 72V

For circuit breaker type ESX300-S minus
ESX300-S plus
Supply non-redundant
Supply max. current rating - 2 x 150 A with redundant design and line entry on the rear
- 200 A with non-redundant design and double line entry on the rear
- 100 A with non-redundant design and line entry on the front
Ambient temperature -20°C ... +60°C (without condensation)
Further technical data  see data sheet


  • Automation
  • Infrastructure & Signalling technology
  • Telecom & Datacom