Type E-1073-437

~ 170 mm
Typ E-1073-437 von E-T-A: Ermöglicht eine fernsteuerbare Ein-/Ausschaltfunktion zwischen Batterie und Bordnetz.



Single pole circuit breaker type 437 or single/two pole isolation switches types 922 featuring an additional electronic function module which limits the duration of the supply to the remote disconnect and re-connect coils, avoiding damage in the event of unusual operating circumstances. Available with undervoltage monitoring option to protect batteries from the effects of deep discharge, status output for undervoltage, auto reset feature.


Technical Data

Voltage rating
  • DC 24 V
Current ratings from 40A up to 240A  E-1073-437 (optional 350 A)
Number of poles double pole
single pole
Mounting method socket
Terminal design screw terminals
Actuation manual release
Auxiliary contacts with auxiliary contacts
without auxiliary contacts
Water splash protection with water splash protection
Illumination without illumination
Typical life 10,000 operations electrical

20,000 operations mechanical
Interrupting capacity Icn DC 28 V type 437: 10,000 A


  • Commercial Vehicles
  • Watercraft & Vehicles


Datasheet & Explanations