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E-BOX: The world's first all-in-one power distributor with charging and booster function

Simply more productive: The E-BOX

Productivity up – complexity down

The electrical layout of a vehicle in the caravaning market is extremely complex: The limited space requires compact and clever solutions. At the same time, installation and wiring may not require too much production time and installation space.

And the more complex such a design is, the more error-prone it can become. Rework, longer production times, higher costs and an increased risk of failure for the end customer can be the result.

With the extended electrical block (EBL) E-BOX, E-T-A offers the tailor-made practical solution for recreational vehicles up to 7.5 m in length. An all-in-one product that integrates a wide range of components without additional effort and wiring.

The idea is as simple as innovative:

  • charger
  • charging booster
  • AC 230 V distributor
  • AC 230 V main fuse
  • RCD protection
  • DC 12 V main distributor
  • and DC 12 V fuse

merge into one single component. The result is a true plug & play solution, a gamechanger that brings productivity in your production to the point.

Thanks to its compact design, the E-BOX can be placed comfortably under the driver's seat, for example, and is easily accessible for any maintenance work. Maintenance personnel can change fuses quickly and easily. Confusion caused by too many individual parts is a thing of the past.

The concept of the E-BOX allows central control and monitoring via a modern touch control panel with color scheme. This makes the status control of

  • Modular and starter battery
  • Fresh and waste water tank
  • Charging status

intuitively and easy.

Further components such as solar elements can be easily integrated thanks to the future-proof concept of the E-BOX. The compact and flat design and the high-quality appearance ensure easy integration of the E-BOX panel into the vehicle interior.

Acoustic warning signals support easy filling of the tank and safe departure. The E-BOX innovation thus makes an important contribution to the active safety of the vehicle.

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Your benefits

With our E-BOX, the extended electric block, you bring your productivity to the point.

Significant increase in production productivity

Fewer components (faster assembly than conventional systems), less rework required, and simplification and shortening of the production process

Efficient use of assembly personnel and noticeably less rework

Reduced complexity and foolproof installation with connectors without risk of confusion (plug & play principle)

Reduced risk of customer complaints

Prevention of errors in production

Reduced internal administrative effort

Reduction of components and suppliers

Our promise

Excellent customer service

We accompany you. From the initial idea through final integration to the production vehicle. Our team of experienced experts ensures that the switch to the E-BOX goes smoothly for you. Professional customer support included - wherever and whenever you need our help. Online or on site.

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