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Standard-compliant DC 24 V protection in machine construction in times of industry 4.0

You have to give evidence of compliance with international standards?

UL 508, NEC Class2, EN 60204-1 – these standards and directives are of the essence regarding machine safety in international movement of goods. The REX system exclusively helps you meet these requirements...


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Industrie 4.0 – Condition Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance

Storage and evaluation of all data logged in machinery and plants is the precondition for solutions on the score of “condition monitoring” and also “predictive maintenance”. Plant transparency is significantly enhanced through the consistency within the systems - always aiming at increasing the system availability...

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Reliable power safety of UPS units (AC230V)

UPS means “uninterruptible power supply”. These systems are used to ensure permanent power supply even in the event of a mains failure.

The current dilemma is: The current supplied by the UPS is not sufficient to magnetically trip the overcurrent protection. Hence, the entire UPS system will be disconnected. The so-called “uninterruptible power supply” will interrupt ...

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Reliable electrical medical equipment and machines

Reliable electrical medical equipment and machines is the basic requirement for successful work in the operating rooms, on the wards or also in the laboratories. Safety and quality must not be compromised. This is particularly true for the protection of devices and machines in the event of overcurrents.

E-T-A’s circuit breaker/switch combinations reliably disconnect hazardous overcurrents...

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