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Type: E-1072-220


The E-T-A Solid State Remote Power Controller E-1072-220 complies with the EC Machinery Directive and meets the requirements of EN60204 part 1 “Electrical equipment of machinery, safety of machinery” in ungrounded DC 24 V supply systems (“IT systems”).

The E-1072-220 is a double pole electronic switching amplifier for magnetic valves (hydraulic and pneumatic mechanisms), magnetic brakes and magnetic couplings with rated voltage DC 24 V and a max. current rating of 1 A or 2 A. It combines true circuit breaker characteristics with additional diagnostic functions.

Will be discontinued - available until 31.12.2018

Technical Data

Voltage rating of load DC 24 V
Operating voltage of SSRPC DC 19.2...36 V
Number of poles 2-pole
Short circuit current limitation
Physical isolation of load circuit (after electronic overload disconnection)
Signal outputs
Mounting method rail to
EN 50 022-35x7.5



  • Automation
  • Steel Production


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