Power distribution
at the highest level

The ControlPlex® Rack system is the playfully flexible complete solution for DC power distribution and overcurrent protection in communication technology.

The modular concept allows configurations to be tailored exactly to your individual requirements. Like in a game with different building bricks, your customized solution is created from the components!

Whether in the base game or at expert level – using our unique circuit breaker technology ensures precise overcurrent protection - always optimally adapted to your application.

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The base of the ControlPlex® Rack system is the compact CP Power-D-Box® distribution system
in combination with the ESX300-S electronic circuit protectors for the
positive and negative voltage ranges.

The system can be flexibly expanded bit by bit with additional smart modules.
Remote alarming and control, power monitoring or sensor integration are thus possible.


Signaling module


Communication module


I/O module

Electronic overcurrent protection

  • Protection of connected loads against overcurrent and short-circuit currents
  • Continued operation of co-supplied, fault-free devices through selective disconnection
  • Precise tripping behavior even with long cable lengths and small cable cross-sections

Transparent group signaling

  • Transparent monitoring of the connected loads via internal bus communication
  • Signaling of the tripping of a circuit breaker to external monitoring systems
  • Immediate initiation of measures possible in the event of a fault in stand-alone solutions and centrally monitored systems

Convenient remote control

  • Smart control and monitoring functions through simple integration into the network environment
  • ON-/OFF-switching or restarting connected loads by accessing all installed circuit breakers via web interface
  • Querying, chaching and forwarding of measurement data, status conditions and error messages to central management or master computer

External sensor data integration

  • Connection of external sensors including system protection, network integration, remote control and monitoring
  • Compact 19” complete system: from power distribution and overcurrent protection in the system cabinet to door contact control
  • Automation thanks to programmable logical links between the operating states of the circuit protectors and sensor signals

Easy as play: Control and Datalogging

The ControlPlex® Rack system offers an intuitive, graphical user interface. It reflects the complete system structure and offers the following options:

  • Monitoring and manual switching of circuit protectors
  • Configuration of threshold values for automatically switching circuit protectors on and off
  • Checking and saving log and measurement data files
  • Programming logical links between the electronic circuit protectors and sensor signals

High Score

All advantages of the ControlPlex® Rack system at a glance

Highest system availability

Thanks to remote monitoring, diagnosis and control, faults can be detected at an early stage and failures actively prevented - no matter when and where.

High economic efficiency

Costs are reduced thanks to shorter maintenance times due to remote maintenance, fewer on-site visits and time-controlled on/off switching of connected loads.

Unlimited transparency

An overview is created thanks to simple integration into a management system (SNMP/Modbus TCP) and the integration of sensors for ambient and environmental parameters.

Maximum flexibility

Fit for the future through easy adaptation and expansion under voltage (hot swappable) thanks to the modular system design with plug & play principle.

Co-op Mode:
Complete every level together

Sometimes you can't crack the game as a single player - but don't worry! Our team of
experts will be happy to advise you and is sure to find the right solution for
your requirements! Get in touch with us right away.

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